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“I want to be close”

Choices made, make up our lives, people’s wishes bring me to life
That one time, of year is here, the magic of a white winter
I can start to move though I’m a snowman

I was created one snowy night, when the snow just would not stop
A broom used as my right hand and a bucket hat on top
How about you tell me the real reason that you have come out here?
The boy said “I lied to my mom” and began to cry some tears

All of the darkness inside your heart will be removed
The whiteness of my snow will help to cure you
“I’m staying with you”

Every day, each of his lies, rolled together, growing in size
They can’t be, broken even, if one were to punch and kick, with
A bell that, keeps on ringing, a muffler that is freezing
Even so, I did still try, to make your cold face smile, but
It is hard to smile with these fake eyes

You still have not told me, what did you lie about last time?
“I said I was good at sports, school, and had friends by my side”
Maybe since it is winter we can start to make all of those things come true
“It is too late now”, he whispered as he started to crouch down

“My mom will disappear unless I act just right”
Wanting to be next to her, he said to me, “Now,
I want to be close”

All of his, words and his lies, rolled together, growing in size
Even if, you brush them off, the falling snow won’t stop, the
Neon lights, brighten the streets, monochrome shades, like snow falling
I tried to, warm up your hands, every part of your fingers, but
It is hard when your hand is just a branch

Now, I will explain to you
How one is able to~, change the blackness into white just like snow
If you follow me, I’ll teach you so you know
If it’s you, then I know, you will always grow
A blanket of snow will be left behind as we go
He ran and, decided then, that he would get his classmates, and
Show everyone, before it was gone, and has become too late, “See,
I was right, it was all true, so don’t leave me, whatever you do”
Holding him, closely she said, with a nod of her head,
“I’m staying with you”

The last lie, turned out to be, a white lie like the snow falling
You can laugh, and then cry too, if that helps you through
I’m sitting here, simply watching, them laugh and cry as I’m melting
I know that, he will be okay; the winter may be very cold
But, the spring is coming due any day~