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◆Kamigami no Asobi Songs English Trans-lyrics~Song Set

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So, after asking on my tumblr about if I should do some Kamigami no Asobi lyrics, I had a few people say yes so I figured I might as well. Unlike Diabolik Lovers, I only really like a few of the Kamigami no Asobi songs so I will not have as much motivation. What songs I do will heavily depend on what others ask me to do. I think I have all of the current songs listed but it is not easy to find a collective source of CD's from this series.

Striked through song titles means that I have not written lyrics for those songs yet.

All of my trans-lyrics are based off of moonlitsanctuary's translations here:
llamalikesarah here:

Openings and Endings:

Akatsuki no Madachi~Hades


Character Songs Original Game:

Hikari no Naka~Apollon

Taenai Inori~Hades

I bless you~Balder


Character Songs Anime:

Bubble Shine~Apollon


You're the One~Takeru


Character Songs Infinite Game:

Ten ni Saku Akatsuki Yori mo~Akira

Seesaw Game~Thor

With Caution~Dionysus


Shinshi Doumei -who need you?-~Apollon and Hades

Mangekyou -Do You Know?-~Tsukito and Takeru

Give me your heart -Mayoeru Kohitsuji-~Balder and Loki

Voices -Himitsu no Ai Kotoba-~Thoth and Anubis

DVD Songs:

Tsuki to Nagi~Tsukito and Takeru

HOPE~Apollon and Hades

Yggdrasil~Balder and Loki