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◆Kowase Kowase~MEIKO

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Original Translation: Official Project Diva F 2nd translation

From far away, the scent of, the night is approaching
You walk in, toward this, sound of humid, wind flowing as it blows along with the breeze

Now let me take a guess about all of the things
Every possible thing you may be thinking
I will tear away at the fake smile you wear
Just to show you everything that was hidden there

Whenever both your eyes are looking at me

Do not bother even trying to talk to me
Tear off that smile on your face, that cold smile you always seem to make
Your voice and your warmth hold no meaning, not anymore
So just give up everything that you have left and then finally let
Me break everything you have

As soon as I took the last step up the stairs I knew
That not a thing would remain the same, it would all be new
You turn your beautiful eyes away from me
Now scornful eyes are all that I can see before me

If you insist on talking, look at me

The screaming sounds of the wind wrap around you and me
I can’t hear a single thing, none of the hurtful words that you always speak
Break it all, break it all, break it all, break it all
I don’t need it, I don’t need all the things
Ah, everything is worthless
You are worthless to me to

From far away, the sound of, the rain is coming
Under the sky, during night, it was silent, while we sat together on our own

Whenever I’m with you, little by little
Little by little, little by little, I’m being chipped away to
It’s becoming cold and becoming quiet
It’s growing white and growing hard as well
Ah, now it’s frozen solid

Break it all, break it all, break it all, break it all
Break it all, break it all, break it all, don’t need it, break it all
The red words, red words, that I see around me
I don’t need it, anything, don’t need it
Ah, everything is worthless
We’re better off apart