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◆Sentimental Love Heart~Gumi

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Original Translation: Damesukekun (

Whenever I think of those days long ago
You always were the one who held onto my hand, although
You’ll never know, because I’m so timid. Aren’t I right?

Even though you were quiet sometimes you would say
Sentimental sounding stories just for my own sake
With that thought today, I’m happy even though, I’ve had no, reason to smile for such a long time

And sadly even now I know that I, can’t even try, to claim that you loved me
So instead selfish thoughts are all that I, will feel until the end of my life
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, that I have always been so weak
But still I do, really think that I love you

Blushing red like an apple when you saw me
I used to be the person who you always liked to tease
Recalling that thing, for some reason I cannot find, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing from my eyes

The time has come for me to realize I’m, alone besides, all the tears I am crying
And right now just for a little bit I, don’t want these feelings to stay inside
And then I saw, your frizzy hair, sway around in the cool air
It was shaking, gently along with the breeze

If I were to forget all my feelings, forget everything, would this thorn in my heart leave?
The more I think about those times I, get more lonely and hurt inside
I’m sorry, I’m sorry; I never said a last goodbye
Lost deep within, and carried by the seasons

Just the fact that we were able to meet, still makes me believe, in God but still I know
That our feelings began to bud those days, but never bloom was because we were, both too afraid to say
Now I’m alone, now I’m alone, and I’m fine
I want to tell, that person I used to love