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I have had several people ask me about using my lyrics, requests, and general questions. To help answer people’s questions, I figured that a ‘frequently asked questions’ page was in order.

• Why do your lyrics downloads go through
Okay, this actually was not by choice. Mediafire makes all of my downloads go through I did not set it up, I do not know how to make it not do it or if I even can, and, most importantly, does not pay me any money. I get nothing. This is a misconception a lot of people have. Just because a download goes thorough, that does not mean the poster actually gets any money.

• Why does the website look like garbage?
That is probably because you are using a different browser than what the site was created in. I edit the site using Mozilla Firefox so the site looks nice when using that browser. Other browsers interpret the side bar fonts differently and make it appear odd. If you can, please view the site using Mozilla Firefox.
If you are using Chrome, the zoom feature helps a little bit. There is no helping Internet Explorer. I'm sorry.

• Am I allowed to use your lyrics?
Everyone is welcome to use my lyrics. One of the reasons I write lyrics is so that others can use them. I enjoy hearing people cover my lyrics. However, there are some things I would like you to do/you should do when you cover my lyrics.
-Credit the original creator of the song, the Vocaloid/singer, the lyricist, the musician, original translator(s)etc.
-Credit me. Link to my Youtube, blog, YTC page, or all of the above. See the right side of my blog for links
-Preferably, send me a link to your cover. You can PM me it on Youtube, link me on my blog somewhere, link me on YTC, or any other way that you know how to contact me. I would love to hear it~

• Can group dubs/choruses use your lyrics?
The same things apply to group dubs and choruses that apply to a solo dubber. Group dub, chorus, or single dubber, I does not matter to me.

• How do you translate songs?
I am only fluent in English, ONLY ENGLISH as of right now. I know some French and I can Romanize Hangul, but I am not fluent in French or Korean. I am not fluent in Japanese either. I require a translator. Preferably, I try to find multiple English translations from credible sources and base my lyrics off of those translations. I really like using English subbed videos when at all possible. When there are no English translations, I have to use online translators and Translation Aggregator, neither of which are very accurate. So I tend to translate only songs with some form of an English translation

• How long does it take to write lyrics to a song?
The answer to that question is completely dependent on what the song is, how long it is, who sings it, how it is sung, the tempo of the song, what language it is, if it has rap, etc. There are many variables, but here are a few examples.
-Pane Dhiria = around 6-8 hours
-Don’t Tease Me = around 5 hours
-Amazing Bad Lady = around 3-4 hours

• What process do you go through?
I have a guide for how I write lyrics. It has tips, guidance, and step by step instructions here:

• Do you take requests?
I have a request post on my blog here:
You can also request lyrics on my YTC request thread here:
You can request songs in the comments of a video or blog post, but I am not guaranteed to see them.

• OKAY THEN, I am going to request this and this….
Please, I do have a life; do not request a quadrillionzillion songs. If you want to request a song, please read my song request post here:

• I am going to request this random song nobody has ever heard of before....
I cannot stress this enough: If there is no English translation, I will have to use a translator. I do not want to use a translator. It is significantly less accurate and hard to work with. If there is no English translation out there, I may not do the song.

• I want to request this song but I cannot find the lyrics so.....translate it anyway
If you cannot find the lyrics, I probably cannot find the lyrics. I will check around for them, but even then, I will probably only be able to find the Japanese lyrics which goes back to the whole 'I really do not want to translate a song with a translator' bit I talked about in the question before this one.

• Okay, but what if a CRAP TON of people request things?
On the off chance that a lot of people request things, I will consider the following:
-First come first serve
-If people request at about the same time, whichever song I like more will be first unless the other has a deadline
-If I like the song more, I may do it first
-Songs that I have never heard will be last
-If there is a deadline like if it is for a chorus battle or something, then that will be first
-The more people who depend on it, the faster I will do it. Meaning, choruses are first, then group dubs, then solo dubs
-Whichever song is easier to write, I may do first
-If I have never heard multiple songs requested around the same time, whichever one of those I like better will be done first
-If the song was requested on YTC or on my blog, YTC takes priority
These are just some things I may take into consideration. Chances are, I will not get that many requests at a time.

• On your 'Official Request List', it says that you will not include any lyrics you offer or anyone who asks you through YTC. Why do they get top priority?
If I offer to write someone lyrics, then that means that I have time and am willing to write them lyrics. Why do YTC people get top priority? I would not be where I am today if it were not for the YTC community. They gave me the confidence to pursue my 'career' as a trans-lyricist and start this blog and my Youtube channel. I will always be grateful to them and so I figured that I might as well express that in the best way I know how, by writing lyrics.

• Why do you write trans-lyrics for songs that have no off vocal/instrumental available?
I write lyrics for songs I like, period. I hardly cover my lyrics so, as terrible as it sounds, not having an off vocal really does not affect me. Honestly, it mainly just affects whoever sings my lyrics. I enjoy writing lyrics way more than I do singing.

• If nobody can cover your lyrics, what is the point of writing them?
I am very passionate about writing lyrics. Would I like people to cover my lyrics? Yes, but that is not my main goal. I write lyrics for people who want to sing them, but I am also writing lyrics because it is my favorite past time. If someone requests lyrics for a song, they usually request lyrics for songs with off vocals so if you want lyrics for a song, just ask me. Plus, when I am not writing for a request, I am writing lyrics for songs that I want to write lyrics for regardless of if there is an off vocal.

• What is up with your syllables for held notes?
What that question means is that sometimes, for held notes, I will either have the one syllable dragged out or I will add in another syllable to compensate. I do what ever I feel works best at the time.

• I'm pretty sure that one of your syllables is wrong
I would appreciate if you told me. There are cases where I took liberties, Poker Face HashiyanxAmatsuki and This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee. Other than those two, I try to match the syllables. If I screwed up somewhere, feel free to point it out in a not completely rude manner.XD

• Will you draw me a picture?
If you ask me to draw a Sonic character for you, I probably will. However, I am not that great at drawing. If you really want a good picture, I would suggest commissioning chibbie-nuffie or Ann-Jey if you are willing to pay a little bit of money. Their artwork is beautiful and really inspiring. As for asking me to draw a person, I can but I have less experience with drawing humans so it will probably be in an odd art style. I am trying to practice drawing people though.

• Will you romanize a Korean song for me?
Yes, I can romanize a Korean song to a degree. I am teaching myself Korean so there will be some errors with r/l, g/k, d/t, b/p, and maybe a few with j/ch. I can romanize Korean for the most part, but I do not know how to tell when something should be an r or an l and such. If you want me to romanize something that nobody else has done, I will need a link to the Korean words and if it is a song, a link to the song. However, expect some mistakes. I can only romanize it if I can see it, not by ear.

• What other things do you do with your life/like?
Okay, nobody has asked me quite that blunt of a question, but I have gotten questions similar to that. FUN FACT TIME:
• I have played and beaten all of the Nancy Drew PC games and I LOVE THEM
• My favorite game series are Nancy Drew, Pikmin, Sly Cooper, I Spy, and Otome games in general
• My favorite Otome game I have played is 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum
• I enjoy playing indie visual novels and dating sims. A lot of them have had excellent plots and strong heroines, plus they're often free, so...XD
• I beat 999, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc all in a row. My mind is still hurting from the amazing experience.
• I can beat Pikmin two in its’ entirety in less than 20 in game days
• My favorite book series is the Nancy Drew series
• My favorite book is either Forbidden Sea by Sheila A. Nielson or The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman
• I am a huge fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but I do not like Sonic himself much. Shadow is my favorite character *insert fangirl squeee here*
• My username came from when I joined the Herinteractive message boards. I am a fan of Sonic and Nancy Drew so, sonic-nancy-fan (I was pretty young, so cut me some slack)
• My alias, Joker, is derived from the character named Joker in no Kuni no Alice since he is one of my favorite anime/game characters of all time *insert another fangirl squeee here*
• I collect old Grosset & Dunlap books and Whitman books, typically the teen series
• I have had a total of six cats at one time
• I had 4 wisdom teeth removed and remember pretty much nothing about the day that it happened after I was knocked out
• My favorite color is blue
• In my spare time, I write things like this FAQ’s page, other things I hope people will read, play Otome games, read otome reviews, watch The Cinema Snob and other reviewers, read fanfiction, update wiki's, and draw (poor man, pathetic, etc.) Sonic characters based off of songs and as presents

• Who is your favorite *blank* character/who is your bias?
• My favorite Vocaloid is Gumi
• My favorite male KPOP group is VIXX
• My favorite female KPOP group is Orange Caramel (RIP)
• My favorite female Utaite is 96Neko
• My favorite male Utaite is...I'm not sure actually

I think I have listed everything. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me. ~Joker