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◆First Love Picture Book~Gumi

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How long ago was it when we met?
How many springs ago was it? Yet
I remember you were that angry guy being loud in the hall
Though we had different classes assigned
Somehow you still appear inside of my mind, all the time

When was it when we first spoke? What day?
When was the first time you called out my name?
Before we knew it, a ton of rumors began, it’s all the same
Because all the teasing brought us closer somehow
You started acting cold to me but, I still found, it all out

If only I had crossed those last 10 centimeters that day
Then my life would have never been the same
If I had tried being stupidly honest with you then I
Know that I would have made you mine

I like him? Yes
He likes me? Guess
I was being positive, while being timid

When I look back at all the pages from that time, I find you’re still on my mind
They were full of pictures of you, my first love
But, that’s a secret

Inside the pages I could see the long story that was all about ‘you’
I was only there a short time next to you
Though the story of us was cut short, I’m content with how we spent our time
Our paths still crossed, so I’ll be fine

Even though I am not a child on the outside, this
Journal full of, memories of my first love, I know I should probably lock it away, but if…
If only I had crossed those last 10 centimeters that day….