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◆Packet Hero~Hatsune Miku

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Original translation: FreedomT1 subs {} and DescentSubs {}
Warning: Some profanity

(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

The warmth your body left behind, left me feeling like I’m in a trance
Every touch from you feels just like a bite
Nobody believes in, futures with just one end
I want to feel it all until the day I die

It’s strange, but I want to, experience the fear coming out of you
Exploding’s not enough, come and cover me with all of your love

The one thing I have, my ‘trea-sure’, may not seem like that much
But I don’t want to give up, on it and start to rush
In my futon, I can still feel my heart beating
Was today also a waste for me?

We don’t change, we just make, mistakes, we’re set on repeat
Making mistakes almost by instinct
A pointless future that, has no way to get back
Crying out that I want to feel it, and yet

It’s strange, you are so cute, I even love all of your weaknesses too
“I want it quickly…”, I love the way you give up so easily

I can’t hear your breath it keeps, on fading as time passes
I don’t know what you want to do with what you have left
Each time I remember that fact it just makes me sad
Do not let go of my hand, okay?

I began slicing through the single piece of proof, I held onto that proved I knew you
As I aimed for my goal, did I use force to get through?
Life is so boring each day try, to not look at it all too closely
I just now noticed all of these bleeding wounds that somehow came to cover me

Following all those video guides, spewing out meaningless words that just come to their minds
So, let us start to load up part two, I’ll take that worn sail and stitch it until it’s new
It can’t be, it cannot be, I’m on that washed up course once again
I can’t seem to treat all these, bleeding wounds covering me

(Ooh, ooh~)

I do not understand, who you, actually are
Always hitting me straight in my heart
This dizzy feeling won’t last, over time it will all pass
I want to soak in it all until I am broken up

It just, makes me happy, even if it’s hate it feels like love to me
I love it when you, turn away from me just to say, “I love you”
…Hey, what
will we do?
…We, should do, this!

That innocence, that is tempting me as it keeps overflowing
If it, ever empties out and you sort all of your feelings
I, will secretly force my way inside of your heart
Now I am, so, so, so, so, just, so, ready for your love

Some trash full of teary eyes, reasons I should change my life
I do, not want to hear that now, it hurts, hurts, I want to cry
I’m in ecstasy just from your voice and smell
One smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, smooch, I’m ready for your love
(Ready for your lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo~ve~)

Since my only secret has been exposed to you, I can’t figure out what I should do
Will this painful love of mine ever bear any ripe fruit?
Life is so boring each day try, to not look at it all too closely
I just now noticed how deeply you have cut into this hurt heart that is within me

Everyone chasing after their true love, is intoxicated from the high of some tough love
People still call out toward anyone that they see, searching for a connection in ones they meet
I’ve become hollow inside, giving up the dream I had in mind
Though at least I can say it has made me better prepared for life~

Just how long do I want to cry?

“You don’t understand a thing!”