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“Trans-lyrics help spread the wonders of music to people who might not listen otherwise.”

Hello~ I’m Joker, also known as sonic-nancy-fan, and I write English trans-lyrics to songs, but if you’ve come this far, you probably already know that. I am female, though my singing voice is fairly low. I am an aspiring English teacher, and I plan on including trans-lyrics in the classroom in some way. I collect old juvenile series books and playing cards, and I am an avid otome game fan.

I started writing trans-lyrics after hearing some of the English covers of Vocaloid songs. It was interesting to listen to different people's interpretations of the same song. I quickly realized that there are a lot of songs out there that nobody has written lyrics for or the current English trans-lyrics just were not very good (or at least I did not think they were XD). I actually started writing lyrics a while ago, but I did not publicly release them until Nov 02, 2013. I really enjoy spreading songs that are not as well known. Writing lyrics is my passion, not just some way to get recognized. I will happily write and do write lyrics for songs with no instrumental or songs that just are not very popular/widely known.

Trans-lyrics help spread the wonders of music to people who might not listen otherwise. If you’ve glanced through my blog for a bit, you’ve probably noticed that I write lyrics for a wide array of songs. I have a wide range of tastes when it comes to music, and honestly, my range is so wide, it often comes off as being weird. To list a few genres/languages/types of songs I like:
*JPOP/Anime music
*Game music/Otome music/Character Songs
*German music that sounds Celtic (think Oonagh)
*Songs from musicals in general

I’m sure there are more; those are just some top ones. Yes, I do recreationally listen to all of those things (as weird as it sounds).

Though I have very unique tastes, I think this works in my favor as a trans-lyricist as I am willing to write lyrics to a lot of genres/types of songs. If you have a request, feel free to comment on my ‘Request a Song’ page here:
You can request other places, but I might not see them.

If you want to see some of the lyrics I have written, check out my list of all of my lyrics here:
I do use English names and Romanized names of songs interchangeably, so double check both before thinking I didn’t write lyrics for a song.

I cover some of my lyrics and post them on Youtube and Soundcloud, though subtitled videos are posted on my Youtube here:

I also do songs sets. Song sets are songs from a certain series, album, or any collective ‘thing’ that I consistently add lyrics to. I originally started these in order to have a set place people could look for my Diabolik Lovers trans-lyrics (and so I did not flood my blog with songs about blood sucking), though I have made more song sets. My song sets are listed on my list of all of my lyrics as well as here:

I am always open for collaborations be it singing or writing trans-lyrics. Contact me through my blog, tumblr or any other place I am at. There is a list of different places I am at at the top right of the blog under ‘More Other Links’.

If you want to start writing trans-lyrics yourself or just want to see how I do what I do, I made a 'how-to' guide for writing trans-lyrics that can be found here:

I hope you enjoy my blog and hopefully use some of my lyrics.