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◆Suki Kirai~Rin and Len {Collab with DenZero}

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I'm in love with you and I can't stop, loving you
I'm not sure if I like you or not
Oh God please tell me
Is this LOVE or HATE?



That guy! He called me out, and just confessed, head held high
And now, from day to night, I can't get it out of my mind
Like or dislike? Can't I just choose what's in between?
But I'm forced to choose only one~

Well then! The answer's clear, there's no need to choose, 'cuz we're now
"Married" -that's right, 'cuz you and me are meant to be
=Right and, a peaceful place with lot's of trees will be great to live=
With our 3 children running around~

Hey wait, hold on, why now,
You know that I am still 14 years old~ and you too
"So things like going out-" "I love you!" "Hey stupid~! Are you listening!?"
You're always so defenseless, showing all your weaknesses


You are all that I see, what is this fluffy feeling?
Hearing our bald principal's speech, it makes me smile==
Turning mister panda into a milky white bear
Would make the world much more lively
I'm not sure if I like you or not
I like you, but then I don’t



Rainbow quartz, you like this right? because every time on your way home
I saw you staring at it so I bought it when you were gone,
Though it’s the road, opposite from my way to school
But don’t you worry, I’m fine with it

Oh.. wait, you! I just don’t like that side of yours, it’s not my type
Is that... hmmm… Why I am feeling so confused?
=I see, so I, am finally able to see your sweet side=
Now I’m so confused from these feelings

If I try to calm myself down and think about it one more time
I don’t know
But I’m sure this is true. What is true?
I’m sure that I really like you
There are no problems right now, just trust in what I’m saying

Hey you, lit a small flame inside my heart, my love’s on fire
Burning hot, I’m becoming a pyromaniac
“I love you!” I think that I do, but I don’t really know for sure
For now, that’s my answer

Oh no my world’s being colored with
your love and your sweetness, oh I can’t breathe
Even though you’re still a flirt inside, I’m being colored with your sweet love

I want to let myself love you, my love is shining
Mister Panda’s sleeping today, so now I’m bored
The seeds of love that were planted, kept slowly growing
Now they’re blooming out of control


My fate has intertwined with yours, and now we’re both ‘in love’
Never thought that I would end up with you

“Dislike” has two sides, but my choice is still “like”
Now we’re together, loving each other



Now I know if this is love or not, I love you~
You are the one I love so much I, love you too~
Loving or Hating, it just won’t stop
Liking, Disliking