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◆Cheritz Otome Games English Trans-lyrics~Song Set

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I absolutely love Cheritz games so I figured I would write lyrics for all of their songs. As of right now, there are not that many, but I hope they add more soon. I will still leave up my 'Yet, I Can't Stay' blog post and who knows, maybe I will make some more romanized versions of their songs.

Striked through song titles means that I have not written lyrics for those songs yet.

Dandelion Wishes Brought to You:

Wishes Brought to You~ Dandelion Wishes Brought to You

Ra rochu ra no so - In a Frozen Time~Dandelion Wishes Brought to You
-The creator of the song said that the words have no real meaning and that the ‘sound’ of the ‘words’ should convey the meaning.

Nameless The One Thing You Must Recall:

What's Your Name?~Nameless The One Thing You Must Recall

Nameless Character Duets:

Happy Love Song~Red and Tei

Marionet~Yuri and Yujin

Mystic Messenger:

Four Seasons