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◆Life Howls~Rib

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Original translation: AmeSubs {}

I was always told, “Things will get better by the end”
Neglected for years they kept, on ignoring, failing to see
That is how I slept, ate, grew up, and was raised every single day
That is what ‘life’ meant to me

I know that there were probably other ways, but
I’ve never had the guts, or the discipline, to amount to much
If it is going to be like this, then what I will do is
Abandon my master too

If only these days could, stay so I could keep on planting
All these seeds of worry into those who used to ignore me
This is all your fault, dummy, you’re the cause of everything
Maybe I should just, throw you out and, hope that it lands you, straight into a ditch

Nobody, could ever see anything that I tried to do right
With my life running out of gas and my voice about to die
I do not, want people laughing at the mistakes I know I have made
I guess I will stay howling

Recently my life has been a little crazy
I’m not rich enough to buy off, all my problems, but the problem
Is that I don’t want to keep thinking I can do nothing
Now I have reached my limit

“I should, find better foster parents to take care of me”
Before I could finish the sign I saw your face peeking
Once second, this isn’t fair, tears won’t get you anywhere
Even with your, face wet with tears, there will never be, a place for you here

Nobody, would help me or see anything that I tried to do right
With no meaning in my life and my voice about to die
I will fight, I want to be something useful, not something forgotten
I guess I will stay howling

You were, always afraid of the words that you wanted to say
You would analyze and keep ridiculing other’s lives
I have come, this far crawling trying to prove I am worth something
Oh, right, we are always

So uneasy filled, with nihilistic beliefs
Living the worst kind of life and my voice about to die
So until the day, when this collar is ripped apart and breaks the chains
I guess we will stay howling
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◆Kimi wa Estrella~Dance with Devils

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◆Du Style~Jena Lee

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◆My Little Ruby Bird~Dance with Devils

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Original translation: Chibi Nagi {}

“Come, take the hand before you”
“Don’t do it! Don’t go there!”
“Are you trying to stop me?”
“I promise you, I’ll protect that girl!”

Come this way, little bird, walk right into my birdcage
Inside the darkness, join me in this creepy masquerade
This is where I will let you fly free

No, don’t go, little bird, stay by my side, the side you know
The light shines, guiding you back home sweet home
I’ll always protect you, stay with me

Diamonds, silver, and gold, caviar and wine
Take your breath away, they are so gorgeous
Believe in me, take my hand (Accept me for who I am)
You’re more important than, even (my own life)
My own life, my meaningful joy
My Little Ruby Bird

You are the only one, that makes me feel this way
(You are the only girl, that makes me feel this way)
That makes this simmering heart burst up into flames
Catch it, don’t let go, dye it, just like so
Hold it, let it go, just let it be free

The last prayer, that I may still receive
The only treasure, that I know I’ll ever need
She is mine
I will not ever hand her over, a stalemate battle field

A secret, room contains, a dress that is dyed bright blue
The hidden mask that’s, hiding enough poison to kill you
Grieving from the sins that we still mourn

As soon as, I let go, I will still, be afraid
Shall I let you rest, inside of my sweet embrace?
Inside the forest covered in thorns?

Spreading the flowers made from, all the virtues
You can live in an endless dream, good night my love
Stop time, don’t keep passing (Bride of darkness, just hear me)
All I really want to do is (make you mine)
Make you mine, more lewd, more painful
My Little Ruby Bird

Vermillion flames growing, when they see you coming
Burn hotter, burn warmer, even burn stronger
Kissing, you I know, I will, not let go
I don’t, mind if you, make my body burn

Let us try, to forget the sad past
And keep trying to, live for what has yet to pass
She is mine
Hear the sound of grinding fangs and nails, heading for our doom’s day

“Come along with me
I’ll teach you about a happiness you haven’t felt, a whole new pleasure just for you
Trust me, I will not hurt you
Want… all that I want is you”

“You’re so precious to me; you’re the only one I see
So you should only ever look at me too
I promise that I will hold you tight
So much, so long, until the end of our time”

“Come over, to me”

You are the only one, that makes me feel this way
(You are the only girl, that makes me feel this way)
That makes this simmering heart burst up into flames
Catch it, don’t let go, dye it, just like so
Hold it, let it go, just let it be free

A melted, yet ripe sigh escapes me
Try turning the key, that leads to eternity
You are mine
Close your eyes and let your body free, tonight you will be mine
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◆Heart no Kuni no Alice Musical Revival Songs English Trans-lyrics~Song Set

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Since subbing the Alice musical, I realized that I wanted to write lyrics for several of the songs. Since the songs are all so short, I figured I would add them to my Song Set series and write lyrics for all of them.

Striked through song titles means that I have not written lyrics for those songs yet.

All of my trans-lyrics are based off of my friend's translation for the musical revival subs. They wish to remain anonymous, though I wholeheartedly trust their translation ability.

ゲームにはルールがある (There Are Rules in the Game) 

Fall in Heartland

ブラッディ・ツインズ (Bloody Twins)

静寂を撃ち抜く銃声 (A Gunshot Shoots Through the Silence)

Unnamed Alice Song

領土争い (Territorial Dispute)

時計塔のユリウス (Julius of the Clock Tower)

ハートの城 (Heart Castle)

ハートの女王 (The Queen of Hearts)

気まぐれなチェシャ猫 (Free-Spirited Cheshire Cat)

ゴーランドの遊園地 (Gowland's Amusement Park)

君のハート (Your Heart)

神様みたい (Like a God)

あなたが幸せなら (So Long as You Were Happy)

深夜のお茶会 (Late Night Tea Party)

三月ウサギのエリオット (Elliot, the March Hare)

エリオットの大罪 (Elliot's Terrible Crime)

Unnamed Song Sung by All Except Alice

完成された愛情 (Love, Completed)

かけがえのない命 (Irreplaceable Life)

ある日突然 (Suddenly, One Day)

みんなのおかげで (Thanks to Everyone)

舞踏会 (The Ball)

帰る時 (On the Way Home)

割れた小瓶 (Broken Vial)

Ace Ending Song

Blood Ending Song

Boris Ending Song

Julius Ending Song

Nightmare Ending Song

Peter Ending Song
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